Thursday, May 18

Culture shock in Uni life

Assalamualaikum and hi~

it have been a long time since i'm log in into this blog account and honestly i don't know what to post about. 

aku ex budak sekolah agama and i enrolled to university yg bukanlah pilihan kawan2 aku atau budak skolah aku. First question yg mmg confirm and lazim org tanya, nak pulak kau budak sekolah agama. where ever you go and meet your ex classmate or your junior, they will ask about your uni life.

Culture shock tak masuk U? 

honestly i told you, no matter any kind of school you're from you will experience that culture shock but it's depends totally on you that time. there is no more teachers that will scolds you if you're heading to the wrong way. it's a lie if they said they didn't culture shock because the atmosphere are totally different from school. ia bukanlah kau culture shock dgn couple sana sini je but sometimes with other attitude or thing yang melampaui fikiran korang.

in my case, it's not like aku sokong diorg nak couple ke apa just i don't like to bother in others business since they already know hukum hakam agama so aku tak culture shock sgt ttg semua benda tu but i'm culture shock when it come to do a group assignment. since aku budak sekolah agama, aku nampak perbezaan yang mmg ketara gile time aku sekolah n uni life tapi aku tak kata yg budak sekolah agama better or not n budak skolah biasa ni not better than them. it's depend on their attitude.

the only way how you want to face it just back to the basic, back to your religion and back to the purpose why you enroll to the university. if you keep questioning yourself about that, you will focus on what you aim for. it didn't mean to you need to be such kind of nerd or what. it wasn't fault if you want to have fun in you uni life but in the same time you will work hard to not disappointed your family. you don't have to be others if you want to adapt with the new environment, just be yourself. sometimes, it may take a long time for people to be close with you. some people are more attract to the one that show the true self rather that someone that pretend or copy others.  

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enjoy your university life~

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